Thermaltake BigTyp 14Pro: A Bigger Typhoon

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The BigTyp is similar in appearance to the Scythe Zipang, another large top-down cooler with a 140mm fan. In design, it is much closer to its predecessors, the Big Typhoon and Big Typhoon VX.

With the fan removed, the heatsink body is revealed to be have the same basic build as its predecessors. The heatpipes are very long, going from one half of the heatsink body to the base, out the other side and then extending into the second half. Our sample had patches of odd discoloration
on each heatpipe.

The BigTyp's 140mm fan has an open-air design without a traditional casing. Its support struts are attached to a fanciful shroud/frame. The visible portions of the assembly are composed of hard, semi-translucent plastic except for three small platforms jutting out from the motor which are equipped with blue LEDs. The fan is an Everflow FB14025BL, which indicates it has ball bearings, though Thermaltake does not list a bearing type in its literature.

The fan assembly is held on by two tabs pressed into ridges on the sides of the heatsink. It can be removed quite easily, though it is actually fairly secure. The fan is hard mounted to the cover, but one corner of our sample was damaged, allowing us to see that springs are incorporated into the design. This corner was taped down during testing so it wouldn't affect performance or noise.

The heatpipes are packed very closely together with little room between them. The fan has a manual fan speed controller knob included — a common feature of Thermaltake products.

The fins are friction-fit to the heatpipes, with no solder joining the two components. Fin spacing is very narrow.

The gaps between the copper base and heatpipes are soldered however. The base is much larger than the average CPU heatspreader.

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