Thermaltake BigTyp 14Pro: A Bigger Typhoon

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The base was very flat and had a beautiful mirror finish. It's one of the things Thermaltake usually gets right.

Installation on AMD motherboards is facilitated through a familiar set of tension clips. The broad side of the heatpipes will face the rear exhaust in most AMD systems.

LGA775 installation requires a pair of mounting clips to be screwed onto the mounting plate. Washers are affixed to each leg to prevent over-tightening. These legs are then slid through the LGA775 mounting holes

To secure the legs on the other side, Thermaltake provides four small steel nuts that can be tightened via screwdriver. While it is indeed secure once tightened, getting them started on top of the supplied washers can be a bit tricky, especially for those with clumsy fingers. This step is probably best accomplished using the heatsink body to prop the board up at an angle.

The BigTyp's width may cause problems for some system configurations. On our test motherboard, an Asus P5Q-EM, it extends past the top edge of the motherboard by about 2cm, which is likely to interfere with the power supply in a typical ATX case. It also covered two of the motherboard mounting holes and extended over the I/O panel.
A case with a rear exhaust fan may prevent the BigTyp from being installed.

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