PowerColor SCS HD4650: A Fanless Budget Graphics Card

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PowerColor SCS3 HD4650

Feb 6, 2008 by Lawrence Lee

PowerColor SCS3 HD4650
AX4650 512MD2-S3
PCI-E Graphics Card
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The ATI Radeon HD 4670 we reviewed late last year was a modest but efficient graphics that delivered better than expected 3D performance while drawing only 40W at maximum load. Unfortunately, it was saddled with a small, whiney fan. It is a shame that, despite their modest power consumption, budget cards are so often equipped with noisy coolers that sound no better than those found on high performance cards.

The PowerColor SCS3 HD4650 is an exception, featuring a completely fanless heatsink. Its HD 4650 GPU uses the same RV730 core as the HD 4670, but with a reduced clock speed and slower memory. As a cut-down version, the power draw should be even lower, making it a prime candidate for passive cooling.

The PowerColor SCS3 HD4650.

Technical specifications according to GPU-Z.

The HD 4650 is a 55nm GPU with the same 320 unified shaders as the HD 4670. It has a lower core clock speed of 600Mhz, with memory running at 400MHz. It utilizes slower DDR2 memory chips (most 4670's have GDDR3/DDR3 memory), but they are rated for 2.0 ns, which should be good up to 500MHz.

PowerColor SCS3 HD4650: Specifications
(from the product web page)

Our sample came as a bare card without a box or accessories. According to the PowerColor website, the retail version ships with a DVI to VGA adapter and component-out cable. The HDMI adapter is listed as "optional" so it does not appear to be included. The card does output HDMI audio if the proper adapter is utilized.

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