PowerColor SCS HD4650: A Fanless Budget Graphics Card

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The card's main attraction is the passive cooler, which increases the height of the card enough that it occupies one extra slot below it. It bears a vague resemblance to the Arctic Cooling Accelero S2 VGA cooler.

The card's cooler is comprised of two copper heatpipes with a series of friction-fitted, widely spaced fins. The heatsink sits off-center, making it look crooked. The fins extend past the top edge of the card by a few millimeters, but if necessary they can be pushed inward to make them flush with the PCB.

The heatpipes extend past the side edge by 2.6cm. The PCB by itself measures only 16.8cm. The entire card weighs only 270 grams.

The heatsink on our sample had a slight curve on it — whether this was intentional or not is difficult to determine. Black plastic guards are positioned on one end but are too loose to provide real stability. The back panel features a TV-out and two DVI ports.

The fins are punctured by four rectangular vents that extend the full length of the card. The heatpipes are about 6mm in diameter.

When placed with the PCB on the bottom (upsidedown), the lack of support at the far end where the heatpipes terminate is conspicuous. The fins in this section sag downward to the point where they almost touch the capacitors.

The fins are approximately 0.3mm thick with 3.7mm separation between them — the wide spacing is ideal for passive cooling. Unfortunately, they are also rather loose, especially near the bottom of the card where there is no heatpipe for support. The fins in this area can be peeled away from one another with minimal effort.

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