PowerColor SCS HD4650: A Fanless Budget Graphics Card

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Warning — removing the heatsink from a card generally voids the product's warranty. Do so at your own risk. Note that all testing on the card was performed before the cooler was removed.

The heatsink is secured to the card by four spring-loaded bolts. The mounting holes form a square with 4.3cm sides — the same size as the HD 4670 and older cards such as the Radeon X1600 and GeForce 7600 series. If you prefer aftermarket cooling, compatibility will be good.

The card's GPU core is exposed and lacks a shim. Four small cubes of rubber on the cooler's base keep the core from being crushed from over-tightening.

The cooler has a simple design composed of two copper heatpipes sandwiched between an aluminum base and mounting plate.

The card installed in our test system.

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