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The mainboard is a VIA EPIA PX10000 measuring only 10 x 7.2cm. It unfortunately has a small 40mm fan, so one thing it won't be is silent.

The majority of the top-side of the motherboard is covered by a low-profile cooler. On the left side of the picture above there is a 44-pin IDE connector for a notebook hard drive. There is also a SATA port but VIA does not include any kind of SATA power adapter — you're on your own in that regard.

The fan is designed to blow downward with the shroud directing air out the back through a small vent.

The cooling fan is an Everflow 40x10mm blower with double ball bearings.

To save space, memory is installed on the trace-side of the board. It accepts standard DDR2 SO-DIMMs up to 1GB in capacity.

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