Prolima Megahalems: A Mega Nehalem Cooler

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When you think of "mega" sized aluminum CPU cooler, the Thermalright Ultra-120 eXtreme comes to mind. In both size and appearance the two coolers are similar, though the Megahalems has a noticeable gap in the center. The heatpipes are also aligned in straight rows rather than staggered --- this may help in low airflow situations.

Ultra-120 eXtreme on the left, Megahalems on the right.

Up close. The fins are approximately 0.50 mm thick with 2.00 mm separation. Fin spacing is about 0.60 mm wider than the Ultra-120 eXtreme and 0.60 mm narrower than the Noctua NH-U12P.

On its side.

The fins are actually composed of four sections — a separating line can be seen on each side running down the length of the heatpipes. At first blush, this multi-section fin design does not seem promising, as the break in the fin is alother thermal transition point where losses could occur. However, the proof is always in the cooling results.

The heatpipes packed together tightly at the bottom. They are soldered to the base for better thermal conduction.

The base was flat and had a very dull shine.

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