AMD Maui: Ultimate HTPC Integration

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Here is a better look at the 5.1 ch amplifier board. It requires extra power through a standard 4-pin connector direct from the PSU.

This is the optional 7.1 preamp, shown with infrared MCE remote and USB receiver dongle. The latter must be plugged into a front panel port to be in line of sight. In the nMedia case, this means the front hinged cover over the ports must be left open.

The supplied CPU cooler is a Silent Flux by Noise Limit, which uses a technology they call bubble-flux. It's a kind of passive watercooling solution.

The fan is situated between the base and the fins of the cooler. It looks like there is a great deal of impedance to airflow, unfortunately.

A quick look at the Device Manager reveals some interesting component choices.

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