Review: Zalman 7000-Cu / AlCu CPU Heatsink

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July 2, 2003 by Mike Chin

Product Zalman CNPS7000 Cu & Cu/Al models
Manufacturer Zalman
Selling Price US$35~$45

The CNPS7000-Cu and CNPS7000-AlCu have been the top of Zalman's extensive CPU cooler line for a few months. They depart from the last generation of top performance P4 coolers from Zalman by being radial rather than "fanned" in a 180 degree arc, and by having an integrated fan rather than one on an extended overhead bracket. All the reports about their performance have been positive thus far.

We take a long look and listen at these latest iterations of Zalmans "flower" heatsinks. The obvious questions are:

  • Do these radial coolers surpass the earlier Zalman 6500 series?
  • Are the mounting clips sturdier and longer lasting than with previous models?
  • Is the fan quiet? Quieter than previous Zalman models?
  • How does it fare against the top competition -- the Thermalright SLK900?

As usual, we're focused not just on performance per se, but performance at very low noise levels.


As with all Zalman products these days, the 7000 is well packed for retail display. It's not ecologically friendly, but retailers are sure to like it for display sales.

The package includes everything shown below (except the 1" tall fan damped mounting isolator, placed on the heatsink base for visual scale reference):

1) FHS Assembly (CNPS7000-AlCu)
2) Two (2) Clip Supports - For Pentium 4 (Socket 478)
3) Two (2) Bolts - For fastening the clip
4) Two (2) Nipples - For Athlon 64 (That's right, this heatsink will also work with the soon to come socket 754 AMD Athlon64 "Hammer" processor.)
5) Thermal Grease
6) Adjustable Fan Speed Controller (FAN MATE 1)
7) User's Manual

A closer look at this heatsink:

Zalman's specifications:

Specifications CNPS7000-Cu CNPS7000-AlCu
Dimensions (mm) 109(L) x 109(W) x 62(H)
Dissipation Area (cm2) 3170
Base Material Copper Copper & Aluminum
Weight (grams) 773* 445
Thermal Resistance (° C/W) Silent Mode 0.27 Silent Mode 0.29
Normal Mode 0.20 Normal Mode 0.22
Integrated Fan 92mm diameter, 0.23A, 12VDC
Fan speed 1300 RPM min; 2400 RPM max
Fan noise 20 dBA min; 25 dBA max

* 450g is the specified maximum weight for an Intel Pentium 4 cooler. The weight of CNPS7000-Cu is 773g, so special care should be taken when moving a computer equipped with CNPS7000-Cu. Zalman Tech is not responsible for any damage that occurs when moving a computer.

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