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The card's main attraction is its dual fan cooler, which bears a resemblance to the one used on the EN9800GT Matrix, albeit with a less confined design.

While the cooler design is more open than the stock HD 4870 heatsink, there is still plenty of plastic designed to direct airflow out the back. With the fans blowing straight down onto the PCB, there seems little reason to do this.

On the trace side of the card, only 7 screws are visible. 4 secure the heatsink while remaining 3 support a plastic guard on the PCB's top edge.

The card's main 73mm wide fan sits atop the GPU and the auxiliary 64mm fan blows directly over the VRM circuitry. The HD 4870 requires two six-pin PCI-E power connectors.

The cooler is essentially a dual radial cooler design, but one heatpipe is connected to a narrow block of fins at the back, sitting next to a vent.

Installed in our test-bed

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