Nexus Value 430 PSU: Affordable Silence

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The components are laid out on a reasonably tidy PCB that fills the available space. The heatsinks are quite small, and the primary capacitor has a standard 85°C rating. There isn't much obstruction to airflow.

Conventional layout.

The primary capacitor is a 450V 220uF Teapo rated at 85°C.

A secondary PCB appears to sport trim pots, used usually to tweak output voltages.
These have become rare on modern PSUs.

The 120x25mm fan, rated for 0.18A at 12V, is from a company called Muhua Industrial. The L12S at the end of its model number suggests it is a low speed fan (obvious from the low current rating), with a sleeve bearing. Note that sleeve bearings are not supposed to last as long or work as quietly when the fan is facing downward. However, the actual rotational speed has a significant impact on both longevity and noise. If it spins slowly, the bearing will not be subject to much wear, and it shouldn't make much noise.

Muhua Industrial low speed sleeve bearing 120x25mm fan.

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