Asus EN9400GT Silent Edition

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The EN9400GT Silent has a large passive heatsink spanning the entire length of the card. It arcs outward from the center to avoid board components. The back panel has a vanity grill stamped into it — it is not a serious point of ventilation.

The heatsink has thick, broad fins on both sides of the arches. The fins measured approximately 0.90 mm thick on average and were spaced 4 mm apart. The wide spacing is ideal for passive operation.

The PCB measures 16.7 cm long, but the cooler overhangs the edge resulting in an overall length of 17.0 cm.

From the side we can see plenty of clearance for the various capacitors and other components residing on the surface of the circuit board. The card is equipped with bare 2.5ns GDDR2 memory chips (400MHz).

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