Cooler Master Hyper N520 dual 92mm fan cooler

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The size of the N520 puts it halfway in between a 120mm fan tower heatsink and a more conventional 92mm fan tower heatsink. It is pictured below with the Thermalright HR-01 Plus on the left and the Xigmatek HDT-964 on the right.

The N520's width could accommodate a 120mm fan.

The fins are approximately 0.38 mm thick with 1.72 mm separation between them. Fin spacing is fairly tight, compared to the 3mm of the Thermalright HR-01, and about the same as the Xigmatek HDT-964. Note the two short 3-pin fan cables connected in parallel with a Y-adapter.

The fans have a minimalist frame, with bits cut away from all over the frame. This is presumably to improve overall airflow and perhaps reduce turbulence noise. They are in a push-pull configuration: Both fans blow in the same direction. They are firmly bolted to a metal frame that wraps around the fins. They're also offset a bit, by about 1.5cm. Neither gets as much airflow to one bank of heatpipes as the other, but with both fans, even airflow should be maintained.

The base is quite flat and smooth, though circular machining marks can be seen. The heatpipes are packed together tightly at the base. They appear to be soldered to the base for better thermal conduction. Note that the three center heatpipes are U-shaped, as is the norm for tower heatsinks. The outer two are L-shaped. Hence the 5-heatpipe spec. It's best to think of it as having 8 heatpipe lengths that feed heat up to the fins.

The cut slots on the sides of the frame are probably cosmetic.

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