Chill Innovation CP-700M: Quiet EU Power

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The components are laid out on a reasonably tidy PCB that fills the available space. The heatsinks are quite small for a 700W model.

Conventional layout.

The primary capacitor in our sample is a big UUCAP 400V 470uF rated at 85¬įC. This is not one of the promised Samxon GT 105°C capacitors, but all the smaller ones on the secondary are. Apparently, we have one of the last batches of this variant; all current stock employs Samxon GT 105°C capacitors throughout.

The The big transformer in the center is for 12V, from which the 5V is obtained via DC/DC conversion; the smaller one appears to be only for 3.3V.

The 11-blade 135x25mm fan, rated for 0.6A at 12V, is from a company called Ever Grand Electronics Tech. It has four wires: Two ground, the red +V and a yellow one for speed monitoring by the motherboard. The B2 at the end of the model number suggests it is a ball bearing. Its speed is thermally controlled, and the speed range is given as 650-1650 RPM. Strut and blade geometry do not look great as the trailing edge of the blades are almost parallel with the four struts, which suggests tonality will develop along with the turbulence noise. (See Fan Blade Geometry on page 3 of the Anatomy of the Silent Fan for more details.)

Ever Grand Electronics Tech 135x25mm fan.

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