Sparkle GeForce GTS 250 1GB Graphics Card

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A spiral-type heatsink is employed to cool the GPU core. A metal cover spans the length of the card, presumably to direct airflow over the PCB. However, this may also trap the hot air emanating from various components. The fan is made of translucent plastic and has a span of 74 mm.

The card has two 6-pin power connectors on the side of the card, sides so it does not add to card's overall length of 24.1 cm. On the top side of the card is a S/PDIF connector to feed in an audio source for the card's HDMI port. There is a small vent on the interior end of the cooler just above a VRM heatsink.

A side view shows the card's memory chips are bare.

The back panel features a native HDMI port, as well as the standard VGA and DVI-I outputs.

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