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Note that all testing on the card was performed before the cooler was removed. Warning — removing the heatsink from a card generally voids the product's warranty. Do so at your own risk.

Removing the heatsink is a trivial task as it is attached by four screws and a back-plate. The mounting holes form a 53.5 mm square around the GPU core, the same as the Radeon 3850/3870/4850/4870.

With the cooler off we can see that an ample amount of thermal compound was used, though the heatsink's copper core isn't lined up to the core properly. The memory chips are made by Hynix and are rated for 1200 MHz, a full 100 MHz higher than stock.

The heatsink is a three piece assembly consisting of the cover, the heatsink, and mounting brackets, each layer secured to the main cooler via screws. The fins of the heatsink are 0.9 mm thick.

The card installed in our test system.

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