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The HIS Radeon HD 4890 has a reference design cooler, which incidentally is pretty much a copy of the 4870 cooler.

The cooler looks identical to that of the 4870. It has the same large mass of fins covered in a translucent plastic housing and cooled by a blower fan exhausting hot air out the rear exhaust grill. The only apparent difference is
the use of three heatpipes instead of two to better balance the heat load across the heatsink fins.

The 4890 requires two PCI-E power connectors and has a 4-wire PWM fan.

Like the 4870, the 4890 has a 9.5" long PCB and the heatsink is secured to the card with a myriad of philips head screws.

Heatsink removed. The GPU core is slightly larger and there seems to be more circuitry in the voltage regulation portion of the board. Other than that things look pretty much the same.

Installed in our test-bed.

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