Coolermaster Silent Pro M700W power supply

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The M700W has the standard black finish with chrome wire fan grill. The 135mm diameter fan is a bit bigger than the standard 120mm. The mesh exhaust grill is nicely open for airflow. There's an on/off switch and AC power socket.

You may not be able to see them clearly here, but the modular cables are flat, like PATA cables.

A 135mm fan, obligatory black finish. No vents other than the main exhaust.
The multiple mounting screw holes, repeated on the other side, are unusual.

The attached cables are conventional, nicely sleeved.

Fairly standard output socket array.
Multiple mounting screw holes on this side are very unusual.


The Coolermaster Silent Pro M700W comes with many output cables.

Permanently wired, sleeved:

  • 1 - 18" cable w/ ATX 20+4-pin motherboard connector
  • 1 - 22" cable w/ Aux 12V 4+4-pin connector

Flat Modular:

  • 2 - 18" cable w/ 6+2-pin PCI-Express connector
  • 3 - 29" cable w/ 3x SATA connectors
  • 1 - 29" cable w/ 2x 4-pin Molex and 1x floppy connector
  • 1 - 29" cable w/ 3x 4-pin Molex connectors

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