Coolermaster Silent Pro M700W power supply

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The components are laid out on a tidy PCB that fills the available space.

Conventional layout, nicely spaced heatsink fins.

The geometry of the 11-blade 135x25mm fan and look good, the trailing edges of the blades not parallel to the struts, which usually helps to minimize the tonality of the turbulence noise. (See Fan Blade Geometry on page 3 of the
Anatomy of the Silent Fan for more details.) The brand is Young Lin Tech, and it's rated for 2.4W, which is low as such fans go. The DFS in the model designation suggests a sleeve bearing, while the M at the end implies medium speed. The company website,, is clearly identified on the fan hub, but the sites lacks information about any 135mm diameter fans.

The UL file number E320127 listed on the UL/CSA mark of the label is registered to Coolermaster, but this PSU is not manufactured by the company. The telltale signs for us are the heatsinks. We've seen this unique design before, in an Enhance 360W. We're certain that Enhance Electronics, who sells almost nothing direct to the consumer under its own brand, is the original maker of the product. It has a strong reputation.

The pair of primary capacitors don't look too special, but the brand name was obscured by positioning.

Buried under the mess of output cable connections on the other side are high quality SMC secondary capacitors.

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