Coolermaster's Fanless TC-100 mini-ITX case

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This page shows the remainding details of the assembly process. It's all fairly straightforward, and the single biggest issue was that some of the cables were just a bit too long.

The main ATX cable only has to travel half an inch, but the one we received was over 6" long. It had to be squashed down before the top drive tray could be installed.

One of the pre-punched holes on the back panel was used for the DC input plug.

The HDD "tray" consists of two sleds which affix tightly to the drive but are mounted in the large drive tray via screws with viscoelastic damping grommets.

The HDD sled assembly was affixed to the large drive tray. When the screws were tightened all the way, there was still some "give" in the viscoelastic grommets, but to be on the safe side, each screw was left a half-turn loose.

Drive tray affixed; we didn't have a slim optical drive handy.

Cover in place, powered up.

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