ATI Radeon HD 4770: ATI's First 40nm GPU

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Warning — removing the heatsink from a card generally voids the product's warranty. Do so at your own risk. Note that all testing on the card was performed before the cooler was removed.

Like most ATI cards the primary cooler is secured to the card with a backplate and four spring loaded screws. The mounting holes form a 4.8 cm square, half a cm less than the HD 4850/4870/4890.

The memory heatsink and black metal side-cover are a fused together in a separate unit. It is likely this would need to be removed if a third party cooling solution were to be used.

The VRM circuitry do not have heatsinks of their own but the MOSFETs are positioned in such a way take advantage of any tertiary cooling provided by the fan directly above.

Unlike the HD 4870 and 4890, the 4770's heatsink is immobile, being fixed to the plastic housing. The main fin mass is connected to two 6mm thick heatpipes soldered to the base.

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