ZEROtherm CORE92 Direct-Touch CPU Cooler

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The CORE92 is a tower cooler with an imbedded 92mm fan and three heatpipes. Each fin is approximately 0.34 mm thick and spaced an average of only 1.54 mm apart.

At the top of the cooler is a metallic cover which is attached via two Philips head screws to the heatsink body. The fan is secured to the cover using black plastic rivets.

The base is composed of three heatpipes flattened smooth against a mounting plate from which the metal installation brackets dangle lacksidasically The holes on the brackets are long, allowing the pushpins to slide outward to accommodate the wider mounting foot print of LGA1366 sockets.

The base is very flat and has an impressive shine. Compared to Xigmatek style direct-touch heatpipe coolers, the gaps between the heatpipes are much smaller. The more heatpipe surface area over the center of the CPU heatspreader, the better.

Installed on our test platform. Its small overall size makes it easily compatible with most cases. The CORE92 weighs only 450 grams.

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