Silverstone Raven EATX Tower Case

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The right side panel features a small side window and a beak-like air filter over a vent that runs front to back. This is an important intake vent. The case is 24 1/4" tall and 26" deep.

The right side panel is identical to the left only without a side window. Note the big vent again. The panels are 0.8 mm thick steel with plastic molding on the edges.

The main air intakes are at the bottom of the case. The case feet provide ample space underneath the case and there are air filters to help keep dust out. The one under the PSU pulls out the back, and the one nearer the front can be removed from the inside.

Most of the exterior is plastic, including the front panel. The drive bays are hidden from view by a door which pulls downward. At the top of the case there are large power and reset buttons and behind it is a small compartment which lifts open to give access to external USB, audio and FireWire ports.

All the cables plug into the top of the case. A cover with a large portion of honeycomb style mesh hides these cables from view while keeping the surface open enough for proper airflow. To remove the cover, two latches must be rotated to the unlock position.

Removing the top cover reveals a sturdy case handle and release latches for the side panels. To help expel the hot air from inside the case, there is a 120mm exhaust fan, and all the expansion slots are ventilated.

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