Silverstone Raven EATX Tower Case

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The drive sleds are composed of soft, pliable plastic that covers most of the edges of the drive. Rubber grommets are also included to dampen vibrations further. This design improved the WD Caviar Black's subjective vibration level from a 4 to a 5.

Silverstone provides a single pre-installed SATA backplane, with room for others. Perhaps they will sell these separately.

With the drive attached to the sled, it slides snugly into the backplane, eliminating the tedium of fiddling with connectors at the back of the drive.

The power supply compartment is designed to fit a unit right-side up. Two support bars on each side lift the power supply up about half an inch to increase the gap between its fan and the filter on the floor of the case. The case feet provide plenty of clearance for air coming in.

The interior with our test configuration fully installed. The rear exhaust coolers on the Radeon HD 4870's will benefit most from this case layout. Cable management however isn't the best as there is no place to hide PCI-E power cables, especially if adapters are required. There is also a lot of wasted space below the hard drive section and its intake fan.

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