Zotac GeForce 9300-ITX WiFi: Good Things Come in Small Packages

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Fan Control

Fan control is perhaps the board's most disappointing "feature" as it really doesn't work.. We connected a Scythe 92mm PWM fan to the board's CPU fan header and turned off the actual CPU fan while stressing the system with Prime95. Core temperature skyrocketed, but the fan speed would not change. It just continued spinning according to the last manual speed that was entered, even though Smart Fan control was enabled, and the manual setting was greyed out.

Manual control resulted in a speed of 180 RPM at the 0 setting and 2520 RPM at the 15 (maximum) setting. Also, the board can only control PWM fans, and only if it is connected to the CPU fan header. The secondary fan header could not be controlled, despite the BIOS having settings for it.

SpeedFan main screen.

SpeedFan does not yet support the board either. It could not detect any fan speeds nor enact any type of fan control.


Lower cost boards ship with simple heatsinks on the northbridge and southbridge while those targeted at enthusiasts typically have large heatpipe coolers and heatsinks on the voltage regulation modules near the CPU socket. A well-cooled motherboard can deliver better power efficiency and stability.

Heatsink Temperatures
Measuring Point
GPU (internal
sensor reading)
Chipset Heatsink
40 to 50°C
Measured with a spot thermometer after 15 minutes of full CPU + GPU load. CPU fan reduced to 5V.

After fifteen minutes of full CPU and GPU load, the hefty chipset heatsink measured only 62°C, a modest number. The MOSFETs near the CPU socket were very cool, registering between 40 and 50°C. This was due to their close proximity to the down-blowing heatsink, even though its fan was set to 5V. The internal GPU sensor reported a maximum temperature of 78°C. Assuming it has the same tolerance as a discrete GPU, this too, is acceptable.

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