Antec P183: The P182 Gets More Air

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The P183 uses the same double-hinged door as its predecessors, though this time around Antec added some vents down the right side. They have also replaced the FireWire port at the front with an eSATA connector.

With the door open it is evident that improved airflow was high on Antec's priority list for the P183. All the plastic optical bay covers on the front are well ventilated. The P180/P182 used more restrictive filters and the bay covers were completely solid. Unlike the earlier models, the dust filters are thoughtfully integrated with the hinged covers over the fan intakes. All the vented external drive bay covers also have integrated dust filters.

Even the holes at the sides of the door have been enlarged to create allow more intake.

The back of the case is almost identical to the P182, with the notable exception of the power supply compartment. A metal cover sits at the bottom with the outline of an ATX power supply cut into it. The cover can be removed to enlarge the opening and allow for the installation of an Antec CP series power supply. More on that later.

Instead of using the traditional hexagon honeycomb design, Antec has enlarged and stylized the top fan grill.

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