Coolermaster Sileo 500: Quiet ATX Midtower Case

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Despite being a budget case, the Sileo 500's entire front panel including all the drive bay covers are constructed of aluminum. The only plastic is that which covers the power and hard drive LEDs.

The Sileo is airtight on the sides, top and bottom. The intakes are located on the sides and bottom of the front bezel. Intake ventilation is severely restricted.

At the rear, a 120mm fan placement and a series of ventilation holes next to the expansion slots are visible.

The exhaust fan's honeycomb grill and interior mounting holes are raised slightly so the fan is not flush against grill surface. The fan is secured using four black plastic rivets which can be easily removed by hand.

At the bottom of the case we see regular plastic feet, not rubberized or dampened in any way. There are also two screws which help secure the hard drive cage.

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