Coolermaster Sileo 500: Quiet ATX Midtower Case

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The sides, top and bottom of the case are all covered with 1cm thick, soft sound-dampening foam. The side panels are quite thin, by feel, thinner than the 0.8mm typical of Antec steel cases. We'd guess 0.6mm. This is the one place Coolermaster really cut corners.

Inside there are simple locking mechanisms for all external drives, and two 120mm fans, one in the rear and one in front of the hard drive cage, pre-mounted with 3-pin to molex adapters.

As even the expansion slots have plastic latches to secure cards, it is clear the Sileo is not just geared toward silence, but also ease of use. The case does come with a few screws and standoffs though, so it isn't completely tool-less.

The hard drive cage might be a point of contention as it blocks much of the front fan's blowing area.

Some padding is even provided for the power supply, both against the rear of the case and on the metal guides. Combined with the foam at the top, it is a very tight fit, so tight that securing the unit with screws might not even be necessary.

Only a few millimeters separates the back of the motherboard tray to the right side panel. There aren't any strategically placed holes for cabling either.

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