Coolermaster Sileo 500: Quiet ATX Midtower Case

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The front bezel is difficult to remove due to the tightness of the six rounded plastic tabs that secure it to the rest of the case. It is easiest to dislodge the bottom left one and then use a flathead screwdriver to pry the other tabs loose.

With the panel removed, we can see that the front ports can be removed for an extra external 3.5" bay, and the LED/switch panel covers the center of the front fan grill.

To secure an external drive, one simply slides the plastic latch into the locked position. Doing so pushes small metal tabs into the drive's mounting holes. This feature is not available on the right side of the case, but it is secure nevertheless. Worrywarts can lock the other side in place with screws.

Hard drive installation is accomplished with a pair of snap-on sleds comprised of soft plastic. Using this material dampens the drive somewhat.

Drives snap easily into the cage with 6mm of separation between them.

The locking mechanisms for expansion cards need some work. One of the latches could only manage a tenuous grip at best due to the shape of our Radeon HD 4870's heatsink. The other top latch, despite not being so impeded, could not get engage fully either. Luckily the design does not prevent one from securing cards the old fashioned way.

The light from the front LEDs is diffused nicely to give a subdued look to the power and reset switches.

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