Coolermaster Sileo 500: Quiet ATX Midtower Case

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Test Results - Configuration #2 (HD 4870)

Test system with HD 4870 installed. There was 1.5" of clearance between the edge of the graphics card PCB and the hard drive cage, so the case can take even longer cards if desired.

System Measurements (HD 4870)
Full CPU + GPU Load
System Fan Speeds
CPU Fan Speed
Noise Level
18 dBA
25 dBA
CPU Temp
SB Temp
HD Temp
GPU Temp
Fan Speed
940 RPM
1980 RPM
1920 RPM
Ambient temperature: 22°C

The addition of a high performance graphics card, the Radeon HD 4870, had very little acoustic consequences on the test system, at least when idle. The GPU fan spun at a paltry 940 RPM resulting in a half a dBA increase in measured noise level. The CPU temperature increased slightly, while the hard drive temperature remained the same. The southbridge heatsink was the most affected, heating up by almost 15°C due to its proximity to the graphics card in question.

On full load the CPU, southbridge, and GPU temperature rose by 24°C, 9°C, and 10°C respectively, while the hard drive thermals remained static. The GPU fan speed stabilized at just under 2000 RPM and the overall system noise level was 25 dBA. Despite the measured SPL, the system sounded fairly good due to the benign broadband acoustics of the HD 4870's stock fan.

Increasing the CPU and system fan speeds to maximum during full system load resulted in no additional noise because of the dominating video card fan, and effected a slight improvement in CPU and southbridge temperatures. Overall, we were impressed by the level and quality of noise coming from our test system. With such low speed fans and lack of ventilation, we were concerned that the HD 4870 would have a tough time in the Sileo 500, but surprisingly, this was not the case.

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