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I took the review sample of the 3-year old nMedia Icetank heatsink and did a bit of careful bending; more precisely,
unbending. The end result is shown below. It resembles a classic Shuttle SFF heatpipe heatsink on steroids. Nicks and scratches were suffered by the heatpipes when extra bits of the fan-holding frame were removed, but thankfully, no punctures to render a heatpipe useless. This kind of mod could have been done with any number of top-down coolers that employ heatpipes bent into a C: Xigmatek HDT-D1264, Spire Fourier IV, etc.

The idea was to position the fins close to the back case fan and away from the center of the board. This was especially important for use with an Antec NSK1380, a small breadbox style case with limited room that was our initial case target. The larger Silverstone TJ08 was deemd to be a better choice: Easier to work with, more front panel i/o connections, and it had the necessary 3.5" external bay.

Originally, a 92mm fan was nestled on this side.

Here's a view of the whole board with modded heatsink.

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