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A pic of the finished system interior. Clockwise, from top left: The 80W AC/DC adapter is strapped where the PSU would go with a bit of clothing elastic. The vent for the PSU is left open. The Intel X25-M 80GB 2.5" SSD is mounted with two screws only in the top optical drive bay. It is so light and cool running that it's perfectly safe mounted this way. A DVD/CD burner is just below it. The floppy drive is next down. The space below that is used to stuff some wires. Below that, the Mini-Box PW-200-M DC-DC power supply is visible; it mount by being plugged into the main ATX socket on the motherboard. Note open 120mm vent on front panel. Just behind the CPU heatsink fins is the Fander fan, softmounted with no grill over the vent.

The Mini-Box PW-200-M DC-DC power supply required a bit of soldering: Four wires to a 12Vx2 Aux12V plug for the motherboard, which it did not come with.

Finally, I found a rectangular plastic food bin which was perfect to make a hood over the space btween the fan and the heatsink. It's just a friction fit; the flange of the bin fits tightly between the fan and the side edge of the case. This ensures that the PSU opening directly above the fan doesn't cause an airflow bypass of the heatsink; it forces all the air pulled by the fan to pass through the heatsink fins.

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