Asus M4A78-HTPC/RC: A Complete HTPC Solution?

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Remote Control & Home Theater Gate

The included remote was comfortable and easy to use and had a pretty good range of about 15 feet, did not require direct line-of-sight, and could be used to turn on or put the system to sleep. The remote is designed to control Home Theater Gate, Asus' version of Media Center.

The software's main menu is fairly simple, with options for music, video, photos, and internet radio.

The video menu is the most basic with a simple browse and play interface and no thumbnail or preview option. Both video and music are played via Windows Media Player.

The audio menu is slightly more advanced as you can check off tracks to make a simple play list. There is also a folder you can use as a shortcut to your favorites.

The photo menu looks more or less like Media Center, though it lacks the ability to do slideshows.

Once configured, any number of internet radio stations can be played through Home Theater Gate using the bundled mediaU player.

Using the remote control was simple and intuitive, though Home Theater Gate is no replacement for Windows Media Center. The menus lack both flash and functionality. The remote can actually be used with Media Center, but many of the shortcut buttons are tied to Asus' software as they are designed to jump from menu to menu. Unless you plan on playing different types of media at the same time, it's probably easier to use it as a Media Center remote.

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