Lenovo ThinkCentre M58p Eco USFF: Green Corporate SFF PC

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The fanless power adapter and the single exhaust fan visible on the back panel gives rise to hope that this Lenovo could be quiet. Some readers may recall that we had similar hopes about the Dell Studio Hybrid, cited to be 24.2 dBA SPL at the ISO 7779 defined "operator position" (a little over 0.5 meter from the PC). The M58p Eco USFF is rated by Lenovo for almost exactly the same ISO 7779 SPL: 24 dBA, according to the spec sheet on the Lenovo web site. We already know from our experience with the Dell that this SPL is not "SPCR quiet", but we'll reserve judgement on the M58p till after the complete analysis.


The system came in a large sturdy box obviously meant to be reused for shipping samples.

This shipping carton is made from some type of corrugated plastic.

Contained within the blue box: The M58p with keyboard, mouse and power supply were very nicely packaged with recycled/recyclable materials. The other carton holds the L1940p Wide monitor.


You've already seen the front of the M58p Eco USFF on the previous page. Here are more details from different angles.

A plastic U-shaped stand enables the M58p to be positioned vertically. The back end of the PC rests on the desk, with the front tilted up a bit. It looks a touch unstable, but we never managed to knock it off the stand during our time with it. Note the two USB ports and basic audio in/out on the front panel.

The rear panel is all business: A single 70mm diameter exhaust fan, DC power input jack, VGA port, DisplayPort (the first we've seen on a PC), six USB 2.0 ports, ethernet port, and analog audio i/o. A DisplayPort-to-DVI dongle was provided. Absent are any legacy mouse/keyboard, DVI, S/PDIF, eSATA or Firewire ports. On the bottom right side, there is what appears to be a slot for an expansion port. On the far right is a plastic piece which is actually a spring-loaded lever. It is the latch which opens up the clamshell design of the case with a little push to the left. A locking screw, which we already removed, keeps this from occuring accidentally.

The power adapter is not insubstantial at 0.7kg and 16 x 8 x 4cm, rated for 6.66A at 19.5V or 130W. It's double the size/capacity of typical laptop power adapters.

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