Zotac IONITX-A: An ION / dual-core Atom Mini-ITX Board

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Fan Control

Despite the fact that the IONITX has a PWM fan header, it does not provide any sort of fan control. Fans plugged into the board run at 12V. SpeedFan also does not support fan control on the IONITX.

SpeedFan main screen.

The fan Zotac included with the IONITX is a bit loud and produces a lot of bearing noise. It is very quiet at 9V or 7V, but it cannot be controlled by the board via the BIOS or software.


An interesting twist to the IONITX is its ability to overclock its Atom processor — something we're sure Intel never intended. With a fan sitting on top of the board's heatsink (to rule out overheating as the cause of any instability encountered), we managed to overclock the Atom N330 to 2.0 GHz. 2.1 GHz was unstable and 2.2GHz resulted in almost instantaneous blue screen of death.



We used the board's WiFi module to download 100 MB or so of Vista updates and it gave us a consistent 4 bars of signal strength throughout at a distance of about 25 feet from our lab's wireless 802.11g router. We did not notice any disconnections or other abnormalities during the brief time we tested the wireless functionality. The module's power consumption was very low, adding only 1W to the system's idle power when it was enabled and connected to the wireless network.

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