CNPS10X Extreme: Zalman's Extreme Makeover

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For AMD installation, a heavy duty tension clip is provided. The heatpipes prevent the clip from being used perpendicular to the orientation pictured above. On most AMD motherboards, the CNPS10X's fan can only face "upward" or "downward".

LGA775 installation is similar to previous Zalman coolers. The first step is to screw the topside mounting bracket to the backplate on the other side.

Zalman also provides a set of plastic rivets to hold the mounting bracket in place without a backplate. We don't recommend this.

A metal frame with spring-loaded bolts slip snugly over the heatsink's base plate and is screwed into the mounting bracket. As the fan overhangs two of the bolts, removing the fan before installation is recommended.

The fan is connected to the controller through a fan header on a circuit board located under the top cover.

Mounted on our test platform.

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