Moneual MonCaso 301 Desktop HTPC Case

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The MonCaso 301 is a slim mATX desktop style case, so it has a large footprint but low profile. The case has 6 main ventilation areas — two on each of the sides, and two on the top cover above the CPU socket and the expansion slots.

The front features a VFD for relaying various types of information, an external 3.5" card reader with USB, FireWire and front audio ports. The case also comes with a silver face-plate to stealth a single optical drive.

The case has typical plastic feet though it also comes with stands to orient the enclosure vertically. A grill at the bottom provides an intake for power supplies with bottom-mounted fans. The case supports employs a standard ATX power supply. As a slim case, it supports low profile expansion cards only.

The case has one 5.25" bay and, two internal 3.5" bays. There is also a single external 3.5" placement occupied by the included card reader. Both drive cages can be removed for easier installation. There are a few extra wires inside for the VFD and remote receiver, which is built into the front panel. The top cover measured 1.4 mm thick, while the edges of the rest of the chassis were 1.3 mm

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