Moneual MonCaso 301 Desktop HTPC Case

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We outfitted the MonCaso 301 with a Core 2 Duo system including a Nexus 430W power supply, WD Green Power hard drive, and Asus Blu-ray drive. We employed a Zalman CNPS7700-AlCu modified with a Nexus 120mm fan to cool the CPU and a 80mm Nexus fan (connected to a Zalman FanMate) was mounted on the side to provide extra cooling. Cabling was a bit of a mess, but that's to be expected for these types of cases. A modular power supply would be an asset.

Aside from cable management, the most daunting task for us was to find a decent heatsink that would fit inside, due to the case's height restriction. The Zalman heatsink fit with only a few millimeters to spare.

The power LED and VFD use a pleasant shade of blue.

The case's only real accessory is a Vista-compatible remote control. If you opt for the full Moneual 301 system, you will also get the software and manual for the MSI motherboard, a physical copy of Vista, and a wireless keyboard/trackball with USB receiver, USB extension cable, and 3 x AA batteries to power it.

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