Antec ISK 300-65 Mini-ITX Case

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Unlike most Antec cases, the ISK-300 ships in a plain brown cardboard carton. Not as useful for retail display, but less ink and industrial processing for glossy full color is definitely more eco-friendly.

ISK-300 is well protected with closed-cell foam in a brown cardboard carton.

Package contents include the case, a 65W external AC/DC power adapter, single-piece T-shaped vertical stand, some plastic zap straps for cable management, four small rubber feet with adhesive, and a package of mounting screws.

The center of the facia is inset slightly, within a bevel frame that looks like a fine grill mesh. This is an illusion; it is a solid surface with a pattern of pockmarks. From left to right are arranged: ESATA, dual USB, audio in/out ports; power reset, power LED and power on/off. The glossy surface is a hinged door to the slim optical drive. It flips down when pushed at the right top corner. This is not elegant, but it works.

Optical drive door in open position.

The rear panel has the usual cutaway for the motherboard I/O panel, jack for DC power connection, a 3-position switch for the 80x25mm exhaust fan visible on the side vent, and a cover for a half-height expansion card. There is only one, as mini-ITX supports only one plug-in slot.

Delta power adapter rated for 100~240VAC input and 19V DC output at 3.42A maximum current: 65W output power.

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