Scythe Mugen-2 CPU Cooler

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Compared to the Ninja 2, the Mugen-2 is a bit taller and has more surface area due to tighter fin spacing. The heatpipes also spread out further giving the heatsink a larger wingspan — the heatsink's width exceeds the size of the fan meant to cool it.

The fins measure 0.31 mm thick with an average spacing of 1.89 mm. The fins are laid out in a standard flat array, rather than the interleaved pattern of the original Mugen.

Most of the fin layers are actually composed of five separate pieces of aluminum. As a result, four slits run through the heatsink between the heatpipes. This helps air flow through more easily from one side to the other, which is particularly useful when the fan speed is low. It also exposes an extra 10 edges for each fin layer, which can improve heat dissipation. (Editor's Note: Several fin layers do extend across all the heatpipes; they are like the bottom piece shown in the photo below. They serve to provide rigidity to the overall structure without adding any significant impedance to the airflow through the fins.)

The Mugen-2 has a nickel-plated copper base like the rest of Scythe's recent heatsinks. The bases of the Mugen and Ninja originals were not plated.

The base is flat and the finish is just short of mirror quality.

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