Antec Sonata Elite ATX Mid-Tower Case

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The front panel features HD audio, USB and eSATA ports. The power and reset buttons are hidden behind the plastic door. The door, unlike previous models actually requires some force to pull open, perhaps to prevent/slow it from becoming too loose over time. There are only three external bays, all 5.25" in size, though a 3.5" device can be installed with the included adapter.

A 120 mm TriCool fan is installed by default in the rear exhaust fan placement — its three-speed switch is located at the rear of the case. To the right of the expansion slots is a small vent designed as an exhaust for the included side blower fan, though it can also act as a source of intake if the optional fan is not utilized.

Like older members of the Sonata family, the Sonata Elite has a sleek glossy black finish, though the enamor fades with time as incidental contact will inevitably leave it riddled with smudges and fingerprints. The right side panel features the case's main intake ventilation: two large openings behind the hard drive compartment protected by a grill.

While this may undoubtedly keep hard drives running fairly cool, the filter's holes are a little too large — it will have difficulty keeping out average-sized dust particles.

The case is equipped with the same silicone rubber feet featured in other Antec cases. As you may have noticed, there is no ventilation under the front panel either. The only intakes are on the right side panel and at the rear.

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