LGA775 Low Profile Heatsink Roundup

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Thermolab Micro Silencer - US$??

Thermolab offers two different petite-sized heatsinks equipped with dual heatpipes: the Micro Silencer and Nano Silencer. The larger of the two, the Micro, sports a large fan with a round frame giving it a higher fan diameter than the distance between the frame's corners which is typically used to rate a fan's size. The cooler in its entirety measures 58 mm high and 270 grams.

According to Thermolab, the fan has rifle bearings, a maximum speed of 2600 RPM and a noise rating of 35 dBA. The fan diameter is 85 mm, the equivalent of a 92 mm fan with a standard square frame.

Both Silencers use bolts to mount, but the nuts they screw into do not physically enter the mounting holes around the socket. Expect it to slip around a bit while you try to bolt it down from the back of the motherboard.

Fan Measurements
2650 RPM
37 dBA
1920 RPM
29 dBA
1510 RPM
20 dBA
980 RPM
15 dBA

At 12V, the Micro's fan is extremely loud with its noise profile dominated by overwhelming turbulence. At 9V, it develops an annoying, constant, low-pitched tone. At 7V, the fan hums, and considerable bearing noise is plainly audible. At 5V is exhibits a very dry drone, like the bearing has dried up. The acoustic qualities are just as unpleasant as the Intel stock coolers.

Thermolab Nano Silencer - US$??

The Nano Silencer is the smallest heatsink in our roundup, weighing in at 210 grams and measuring 39 mm high. Compared to its larger brother, the Nano is more square — the fan has a standard 80 mm box frame and is only 15 mm thick. The top surface of the heatsink has less of a recess compared to the Micro.

According to Thermolab, the fan has rifle bearings, a maximum speed of 3000 RPM, and generates 30.5 dBA of noise. The fan measures 76 mm across.

The underside is similar to that of the Micro Silencer.

Fan Measurements
2570 RPM
31 dBA
2140 RPM
22 dBA
1880 RPM
18 dBA
1330 RPM
15 dBA

At 12V the fan sounds whiny and turbulent — the fan speed is the same as the Micro, but the noise level is considerably lower (6 dBA). At 9V it becomes much smoother, but a high-pitched hum becomes evident. At 8V, the humming becomes more noticeable as the sound of airflow fades in the background. At 7V it rattles but is otherwise fairly smooth.

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