Scythe Top-Down Coolers: Kabuto vs. Zipang 2

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The Kabuto looks similar to the Scythe Andy, which was, until a year ago, the best down-blowing heatsink to come into our labs. The Kabuto is bigger, taller, has copper instead of aluminum heatpipes, equipped with a quality PWM fan, and features the MAPS fin stack design. "Kabuto" is the name of the traditional helmet worn by Samurai — it's an apt title as the heatsink is bulky and top-heavy.

Kabuto with all the mounting clips.

The Kabuto is a massive down-blowing heatsink with six copper heatpipes. Like the Mugen-2, the fins are separating into different sections by slits. These air columns are 8.3 mm wide at the top/bottom and 3.4 mm at the center.

The Kabuto is a "C" shaped cooler with heatpipes coming out to one side from the base and then curving over itself. The fan and main fin mass is supported only by the heatpipes. The weight creates a bend to one side.

A small series of fins run through all three sections for structural integrity. There is a small gap between the fan and the top of the heatsink to further reduce resistance to airflow. MAPS divides the fins into three 10.7cm long stacks, each with fins of 5 x 3.8 cm.

Under the fan. The fins around the heatpipes are on average 0.34 mm thick with 1.94 mm of separation.

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