Scythe Top-Down Coolers: Kabuto vs. Zipang 2

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The most critical aspect of installation is for the heatsink to be securely mounted. The more firmly it is installed, the better the contact between the heatsink's base and the CPU itself. It's also less likely to fall off. Ease of installation is also important — a simple mounting scheme means less time spent installing, and a reduced likelihood of screwing up.

The heatpipes are pressed tightly between the base/mounting plate and a smaller secondary heatsink with 1 mm thick fins with 2.5 mm separation.

The base is very flat with a slightly dull shine resulting in a somewhat muddled reflection.

Mounting is accomplished in the typical Scythe way, with S478, AMD, and LGA775 mounting frames that use stock retention mechanisms.. The Kabuto does not ship with a LGA1366 frame.

Mounted in our test system.

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