Scythe Top-Down Coolers: Kabuto vs. Zipang 2

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Zipang is an antiquated name for Japan, meaning "Land of the Rising Sun". The original Zipang we reviewed last year, also with a 140mm fan, fared very well, losing out by only a couple of degrees to the Scythe Andy for best top-down cooler performance. Zipang 2's main advancement is the MAPS fin stack design.

Zipang 2 with all the mounting hardware.

One side view...

...the heatpipes side view.

From the top, without fan. Note that MAPS has divided the fins into six 12 cm long segments, each with fins of 2.3 x 3.5 cm. These definitely pose less resistance than the fin stacks of the Kabuto.

The bottom view with well polished, nickle-plated copper base and push-pin clips in place for Intel CPU 775/1366 socket mounting.

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