Scythe Top-Down Coolers: Kabuto vs. Zipang 2

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Stock Fan Testing

The stock fan on the Zipang 2 is different from the one supplied with the original Zipang. Instead of the usual square boxy frame, the Kaze Maru 140mm fan uses a circular frame, presumably to reduce its footprint and weight. As a result, the mounting holes have the same spacing as on a typical 120mm box fan. The SY1425SL12ML does not appears among Scythe's other retail Kaze Maru fans, and differs from the 1,200 rpm SY1425SL12M retail model in that its speed is slightly lower at 1,000 rpm.

Stock Fan Specifications
Manufacturer Scythe Power Rating 2.16W
Model Number SY1425SL12ML Airflow Rating 51.43 CFM
Bearing Type Sleeve RPM Rating 1000
Size 140 x 140 x 25 mm Noise Rating 22.74 dBA
Hub Size 1.94" (49 mm) Header Type 3-pin
Weight 140 grams Starting Voltage ~2.5V (250 rpm)
The data in the blue cells is provided by the manufacturer; we measured the data cited in the green cells

This fan proved to be one of the quietest ever tested. We believe it is quieter than the original Zipaing fan, but since that unit was tested outside the anechoic chamber and is no longer in our possession, we cannot be certain. We can compare it with the 120mm fan on the Kabuto, however.

Fan Measurements
Zipang 2 140mm Fan
Kabuto 120mm Fan
24 dBA
1340 RPM
19 dBA
980 RPM
17 dBA
1020 RPM
14 dBA
800 RPM
13 dBA
790 RPM
12 dBA
680 RPM
520 RPM
11 dBA
500 RPM

At ~1,000 rpm, the Kabuto's 120mm fan measured slightly lower, but at ~800 rpm, the two fans were about the same. Keep in mind that at the same rpm, the larger 140mm fan always pushes a bit more air.

Zipang 2 Fan Subjective Impressions:

@ 12V - 980 rpm: Mostly turbulence noise with minor complexities.

@ 9V - 800 rpm: The noise drops significantly to [email protected], which is essentially inaudible. The acoustics are excellent, with no obvious tonalities, ticking or buzzing.

@ 7V - 680 rpm: Audible only from extremely close up.

@ 5V - 520 rpm: Inaudible.

Cooling Results

Scythe Zipang 2 w/ stock fan
Fan Voltage
°C Rise
19 dBA
14 dBA
12 dBA
<11 dBA
Load Temp: CPUBurn for ~10 mins.
°C Rise: Temperature rise above ambient (23°C) at load.
°C/W: based on the amount of heat dissipated by the CPU (measured 78W); lower is better.

The Zipang 2 performed very well, a degree or two behind the Kabuto at each cooler's highest fan speeds. With the Zipang 2 fan at full speed, the CPU temperature was 13°C above ambient, just 2°C behind the Kabuto but much quieter at 19 vs 26 [email protected] for the Kobuto. At 9V, the fan was already just about inaudible, and the performance dropped by only 2°C. Even at 7V, at a mere 12 [email protected], it performed well, with only an 18°C rise in temperature.

There was no point trying a Nexus 120 fan on this heatsink. The stock heatsink is as quiet or quieter and it moves more air.

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