Antec Nine Hundred Two Gaming Case

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The left side panel features an oddly shaped side window, and a triangular section with a side fan mount. The right side panel is completely solid.
The front of the case is pretty much a wall of honeycomb style vents. Strangely, two of the slot covers do not let air in, as they are filled with a rubber/foam type material. The bottom six covers are attached to two removable hard drive cages. Each cage comes with a pre-installed 120 mm fan.

The ports and buttons are located at the very top. The power and reset buttons are flush with the surface but they do require some force to use — accidental contact is unlikely to engage them.

The case is equipped with one of Antec's "Big Boy" 200 mm fans at the top.

3-speed controls for the top and rear fans as well as an LED toggle switch for the top fan are located at the back of the case, just about the rear fan exhaust. All of the included fans have blue LEDs, but only the Big Boy's can be turned off.

Underneath, the case is equipped with short rubber feet. Note the absence of a power supply vent; 120mm fan PSUs are meant to draw air from inside the case.

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