Antec Nine Hundred Two Gaming Case

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The edges of the motherboard tray have large holes for cable management, a feature lacking in the original Nine Hundred. The drive section is uniform, allowing for 5.25" drives and the two removable hard drive cages to be mounted in any position. Not only does this allow ultimate freedom with regard to drive placement, it also removes any possible interference with extra long graphics cards.

The case ceiling.

The case floor does not have a power supply vent so PSUs with bottom-mounted fans go in upside down. There are four cushioning pads to dampen vibration.

Behind the motherboard tray there are numerous handles for attaching cable-ties, though we would have preferred hooks. There is no space between the drive bays and the tray — all cabling is routed through three large rectangular holes. There is ample room between the tray and side panel.

The drive cage is CD drive width and runs from the top to the bottom, with room for up to nine drives. Modular inserts allow installtion of 3.5" drives.

The drive cages are attached with four thumbscrews on each side. A tab at the top of both drive cages allows their fine mesh air filters to be pulled out for cleaning.

Instead of speed switches, each front fan has its own variable speed controller, accessible from outside the case.

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