AMD's 785G Chipset Boards: 780G Evolved

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Package contents.

The M4A785TD-V has a light blue color scheme not normally found on Asus boards. The layout is fairly solid though we prefer the IDE port to be parallel to the side edge, or better yet, on its side completely. There are two PCI-E 16x slots for CrossFire configurations.

The oddly shaped heatsinks combined with the powder blue connectors/slots gives the M4A785TD-V a slightly garish appearance. The heatsinks on the Northbridge and VRMs are fairly large though, and all the capacitors are solid-state. No matter how it looks, this board seems to be built to last.

The Northbridge heatsink is particularly interesting with fins splitting out in various directions. We're not sure if the blue piece on top is simply welded to the rest of the structure or whether it is simply painted a different color.

The M4A785TD-V's back panel is stocked with an impressive array of ports: eSATA, FireWire, HDMI, DVI, and S/PDIF.

CPU, heatsink and memory installed.

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