Silverstone Sugo SG05 and SG06: Gaming mini-ITX cases?

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Both the SG05 and SG06 ship in plain brown cardboard cartons. Not as useful for retail display, but less ink and industrial processing for glossy full color is definitely more eco-friendly. Unfortunately, the protective end caps used inside for shock damping are made of styrofoam, which is not recycled or reused.

Eco-friendly plain cardboard carton, but eco-unfriendly styrofoam inside. That's a standard business card on the left.

Package contents include the case, the 300W power supply, AC power cord, paper manual, a plastic adhesive-backed cable holder, four small rubber feet with adhesive (already applied to the underside of the case), IDE cable adapter for slim optical drive, and a small bag of mounting screws.

Both SG05 and SG06 have a huge vent on this side, specifically for a mid-high power VGA card. As you saw in the photos on the first page, both have a smaller vent on the other side.

Photo above shows smaller vent on other side and the SFX form factor 300W power supply (made by Fortron Source) on the back panel. There are two PCI slots covers; mini-ITX can only accommodate one card slot, but
mini-DTX (of which there are a few, mostly in the industrial/ commerical markets) allows two. Note the small round button near the CPI slot covers; it's a power reset switch, found oddly only on the SG06, not the SG05, which has it on the front panel.

The overall size and shape of the SG05/06 is similar to that of 2004's
Shuttle Zen SSF PC, which was a touch taller. This, despite the Shuttle having a large external power brick instead of an internal PSU as in the Silverstone. In comparison to the Antec ISK 300 on the right, it's about as wide, nearly twice as tall, but a couple of inches shallower (front-to-back). When the Antec is set vertically, it takes up a bit less desktop space.

For the record, our SG06 sample is a black one.
As mentioned before, the only real difference of the SG06 is its front bezel, made mostly of brushed aluminum (instead of plastic in the SG05). This may explain the SG06's small price premium over the SG05. The front panel of the SG06 is closed; the 120mm front fan pulls air through a grid that extends around the sides and bottom of the bezel. Presumably, this is meant to provide a bit more acoustic insulation between the fan and the user, but airflow looks like it would suffer a bit.

Photo above shows SG06 upside down. The vents slots are very small on the bottom edge but a bit more generous along the sides.

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